Schuko Plugs and Sockets

• Ergonomic shape ensures a good grip and simple handling

• Optionally available with cap on tab or flip-cap as special order

• Good connection facility through halfshell design
• All screws with combination head
• All screws can be operated from one direction
• Supplied with contacts open

The SCHUKO system available at 16A 230-250V is widely used on the European continent both in industrial and domestic areas. There are however two versions available, the more common German system and also the Belgian-French system.

The main characteristics are that the German system has 2 pins and scraping earth contacts on the plug and 2 receptacle holes and scraping earth contacts on the socket.

Whereas the Belgian-French system has 2 pins and 1 receptacle earth hole on the plug, 2 receptacle holes and 1 pin on the socket.

• Variable connection options (rear and side)

• SCHUKO connector plug-type devices also available in Belgian / French system

Schuko equipment conforms to VDE 0620 European Standards

• IP44 (or IP67 to order)

Safe, Robust, Easy to Install