Combination Units

Custom built and bespoke electrical distribution boards designed and manufactured by CEE Norm U.K.

With over 40 years experience in the design of purpose built distribution boards, which can be manufactured in thermoplastic, rubber and steel fabrication, our equipment is installed in industries as diverse as:

• Camping and caravan parks as well as marina boat yards for leisure use
• Motor car manufacturing with major manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe
• International ship builders and repair yards providing welding repairs for offshore facilities
• Film, TV and outdoor events

Our RCD earth leakage and earth monitoring units are used in food processing, pharmaceutical industries and by all major utility companies and authorities for electricity, gas and water.

Established electrical contractors such as N.G. Bailey, B.K.I., Crown House, T. Clarke, Dodds Electrical, Wysepower and Aggreko all value the expertise of CEE Norm U.K. in the design of electrical distribution equipment.

CEE Norm U.K. plug and socket distribution systems have been used in the 2004 Athens Olympics, the Manchester Commonwealth Games and the Open Golf Championship. Wherever speed of installation is required, our products can be found giving both the distributor and end users confidence in both the supply and safety of the equipment being used.

Typical examples of the diverse range of equipment that can be supplied are indicated, together with the industry involved.

Please contact CEE Norm U.K. direct if you have specific requirements for purpose-designed distribution equipment.

Safe, Robust, Easy to Install

Heavy duty steel bollard for street market / marina applications complete with RCD’s / MCB’s and socket outlets.

Free standing rubber distribution unit complete with input lead phase inverter (3 phase) and RCD / MCB protection.

Wall mounting rubber combination socket / distribution unit with 415V and 240V sockets plus RCD and MCB.

Hanging distribution unit 32A 3 phase complete with inlet plug and 3 sockets plus air line attachment.

Accident, emergency and disaster control

Fully weatherproof free standing distribution unit in rubber complete with input lead available in 415V, 240V and 110V with RCD / MCB protection. For use by fire services and military applications.

Building and construction industry

Free standing rubber combination unit with incoming appliance inlets and cable storage. Multiple sockets can be provided in 415V / 240V supplies with RCD / RCBO / MCB protection.

Quarrying and minerals extraction

Wall mounting socket outlet combination units in fully weatherproof thermoplastic. Rated from 16A to 125A 400V complete with RCD and MCB protection and switched interlocked with padlockable switches.

Motor industry

Dual voltage hanging distribution units 415V / 240V in thermoplastic IP55.

Transport, storage, distribution and logistics

Full range of distribution units, complete with galvanised metal ground stakes are available from 1 way 16A 240V with RCD/MCB protection.
Metering facilities and multi-outlets up to 12 ways can also be manufactured.
Free standing distribution feeder pillars supplied in heavy duty powder coated paint or galvanised finishes.

Camping, caravanning and leisure industries

Combined power and TV / satellite hook-up units.

Food processing and packaging

Heavy duty rubber dual voltage 415V / 220V hanging distribution unit with 415V and 220V sockets and air line attachment.

Chemical and heavy industry

IP67 watertight thermoplastic wall mounting combination unit with RCD / MCB’s and input terminals.

Mining and tunnelling

Heavy duty rubber wall mounting distribution unit fitted with RCD / MCB’s and 415V/220V sockets.

Harbour installation containers, ship yards
and shipping lines

Stainless steel IP67 rated lockable enclosure / distribution board with facility to lock door with plugs in situ.
For use on 440V 3H 32A container / refrigerated supplies.