Special Purpose Products


• Compact combination of CEE and SCHUKO socket
• Fuse protection of the shockproof socket possible
• Provision with shockproof sockets 16 / 230V in Belgian/French, Danish and Swiss norms also possible

DC plug-type devices

• For testing shops, electroplating plants, rail vehicles and maintenance areas

ACS mounted socket

• Auxiliary contact switch with diverse applications: checking, controlling, regulating, monitoring
• Additional auxiliary contact switch on mounted sockets (shockproof 16/32A CEE socket) closes and / or opens through plug
• Electrical plug locking possible
• Potential-free switching
• Switching element, e.g. contactor, can be set separately

Safe, Robust, Easy to Install

Phase sequence indicator tri-pole

• CEE plug with integrated shockproof socket and built-in electronics enables monitoring of the rotary field, as well as recognition in the event of failure of a phase.
• Via the shockproof socket, further test devices can be connected, and amongst other things a function test of FI switches can be carried out.

7-pole plug type devices

• Clear advantages in the areas of pole-changing / star-delta connection, traffic light switching / regulation / electrical locking / monitoring / acknowledgement / notification