the new generation
with cage clamp terminals
screwless cage clamp terminals

Screwless Cage Clamp Terminals

• Special contact technique
• 4-point (quarter turn) locking system to close the 2 piece enclosure without screws
• Moulded cable sleeve or Multi-Grip cable gland
• Halogen, cadmium, silicon and PVC free plastics

screwless cage clamp terminals

• Maintenance free after installation
• Shock and vibration resistant
• Push-type terminals without the need of cable ferrules for the conductor or the use of crimping tools

50% savings on assembly times
cage clamp terminals

Cage Clamp Terminals

• Easy and quick to handle
• Terminals in the open position on delivery
• Push down the appropriate contact slide to lock the conductor into the terminal
• To re-open, use a screwdriver blade to lift the contact slide



• Approved breaking capacity
• Self-cleaning
• Corrosion free spring
• Low and stable removal and withdrawal forces
• Positive conductivity
• Higher percentage of copper guarantees better conductivity and low temperature rise

screwless cage clamp terminals

The push-type terminal is supplied with the cage clamp in the open position. These cage clamps have proved their reliability millions of times and are maintenance-free. The cage clamp is closed through a special contact slide and can be opened easily by lifting the slide with the help of a screwdriver.

the better alternative to screw type terminals

16A & 32A
cage clamp terminals

Simply open

Cage clamp terminals

The cage clamp terminals are open on delivery so that the stripped conductor with or without cable end ferrules can immediately be inserted. The terminals accept conductors from 1 up to 4 mm for 16A and 2,5 up to 10 mm for 32A products. They have proven their reliability millions of times since they have been introduced.


Simply insert


The cage clamp terminals accept the same conductor size or type of cable as the relevant ‘screw type’ terminals. Solid or stranded wires with or without cable end ferrules can easily be inserted.

cage clamp terminals

Simply "click"

Push slide

The inserted conductor is locked damage free and with optimal contact by simple fingertip pressure onto the terminal. The push slide is colour coded for ease of wiring and can be reopened by simply pulling it back with a normal blade screw driver.


Simply quick


The unique, time and labour saving quick connect products are patented world wide. They are approved completely fulfilling all the requirements of IEC 309 regulations. With this fine connection technique the wiring of a CEE-product is really easy and guarantees good wiring quality even under difficult conditions.