The new generation with cage clamp terminals
The better alternative to screw type termainals - boasting a 50% saving on assembly times. Offering a screwless terminal connection for plugs and sockets even for an amperage of 63A. Also truly unique are the 16A and 32A QUICK-CONNECT phasinverters.
Based on the screwless spring-clamp system, is the best suited system for quickly and easily meeting the various challendes encountered in the wiring and maintenance of industrial plugs and sockets in a controlled manner.

QUICK-CONNECT is insensitive to shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations. thanks to spring-connection technology, the optimum connection of conductor and termianl can withstand even the most rigorous long-term vibration tests of independent testing institutes. A big advantage over standard screw connections, which tend to be prone to failure.

Greater Contact Surface
The newly designed spring terminal features an improved contact angle. The contact surface is thereby increased by nearly 70%. This ensures a significantly better connection between conductor and contact.

Secure Connection
QUICK-CONNECT guarantees a secure termination and thanks to the spring-connection technology, is resistant to vibrations and temperature fluctuations. Ther terminal visually and audibly locks the inserted stripped conductor at the touch of a finger ensuring a reliable and permanent connection.

QUICK-CONNECT is completely maintenance-free. The contact of the spring is optimised and preset ensuring a permanent constant pressure on the copper. Our conductor clamping thereby guarantees an optimum connection over the enture lifetime. Frequent inspections as with scre contacts are not necessary.

For All Copper Conductors
On delivery, the QUICK-CONNECT terminals are open and are suitable for copper conductors of all types and qualities - irrespective of conductor diameter and insulation type. Whether solid or flexible, with or without ferrule - the termianl accepts all copper conductors.


 The cage clamp terminals are open on delivery. Insert the stripped conductor in open terminals. The terminals accept conductor from 1 up to 4 mm for 16A and 2,5 up to 10mm for 32A products.


 Close with a click


 Easy opening of the clamp with a standard screwdriver