A better answer to 'old style' cable glands.
Quicker, better, more reliable
Multigrip Plug & Connector
MULTI-GRIP  is available from 16A tp 125A

Multigrip connection Simply SafeSimply Safe - Special Screw Fitting
The special threaded fitting is secured with a saw tooth thread, which prevents self-induced and unintentional loosening, while plugging and unplugging the connector. The working surface of the threaded fitting is amply dimensioned for commercially available spanners.

Multigrip Simply DrySimply Dry - Drainage Opening
Water will no longer remain in the flared opening; instead it is removed through the drainage holes. Water is absolutely prevented from entering the inner connection space, even when the cable is moved.

Multigrip Simply SecureSimply Secure - Lamella Effect
18 flecible fins adapt themselves to the thinnest or thickest cable diameters, when the threaded fitting is tightened. They guarantee optimal strain relief, while at the same time protecting the cable. The tensile strength exceeds by far the values required by the standards IEC 60309, EN 60309 and VDE 0623.

Multigrip Simple to CloseSimple to Close - Rubber Seal
When firmly fastened, permanent rubber seal enables the connection to be simplified. In the event of a proper installation, class of IP67 protection will be achieved.

MULTI-GRIP adapts efforstlessly to cable diameters!
The following cable diameters can be inserted, without affecting the closure or capacity for strain relief.

ConnectorCable Diameter (mm)
16A 3 - 4 pins8 - 18
16A 5 pins10 - 21
32A 3 - 4 pins11 - 23.5
32A 5 pins13 - 27
63A 3 - 5 pins16 - 36
125A 3 - 5 pins      26 - 50

Further valuable time saved in making connections
Rubber reducing rings and internal strain relief systems are no longer needed.
Increased internal wiring space.
Easier and faster wiring beomes possible.
Time saving with:
32A 5 pin = 52%
63A 5 pin = 42%