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Does Current Flow Through The Neutral Wire?

The guys over at eFIXX explain why the neutral conductor in a three phase cable is the same size as the other phases and why some industrial sockets don't have neutral connection using the custom built Variabox we provide them with

Defining the requirements of unique distribution units

Andrew Whyatt, Electrical Engineering Manager with CEENorm U.K. Ltd, considers the characteristics that need defining when asked to design a custom built socket distribution system.

Automatic Wire Stripper

CEENorm U.K. Ltd now offer an automatic wire stripper, saving time whilst providing damage-free wire stripping through our range of Haupa high-quality German brand electricians’s tools.

Don't let your distributor system box you in

As the demands of technology rapidly develop, finding a distributor system that meets your needs is harder than ever. VARIABOX is as adaptable and versatile as your requirements are changeable.