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Custom made units for temporary and permanent installations

We offer a service of ‘Made to Order’ custom-built low voltage distribution equipment up to 630A, utilising plastic, rubber or metal surface mounting or portable enclosures fitted with our plugs, sockets and protective devices as required. Units can be made to yours or your customers requirements. All designed and manufactured at CEENorm U.K. Ltd’s main site in Telford, UK.

Our Custom Build divison are experts in designing and building electrical distribution equipment. Our in-house design and production team enable you to support customers at every stage of their project.

Every custom-built product from CEENorm is designed with care by engineering experts; 2D or 3D CAD drawings are supplied with each and every bespoke item quoted.


This configurator tool is simply a guide to what is possible as a bespoke power distributor box. Once our team has evaluated your request, we will come back to you with a quotation that we believe is the correct solution. We will base this information upon your configuration request however we reserve the right to add the relevant protection, if and where required. All quotations will conform to current standards & regulations.

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